SIBCO is an engineering company that specializes in technology transfer, process development and turn-key processing solutions.

We are also specialized in business development in China for European and US companies and vice versa for Chinese companies in Europe and the US.
Our network includes consulting services in legal counseling , IP protection & transfer, patents, accounting, logistics, and sales and marketing.
PV / Solar Cell technology
We are specialized in the following high efficiency / low cost solar cell technologies:
- Bifacial N-type solar cell, eff. >20%
- IBC N-type low-cost solar cell with only 12 process steps,
eff. >21%
- MWT P-type low-cost solar cell, eff. 18.5 - 19%
Turn-key back contact module assembly with
CTM power loss <1% for MWT and IBC!

LTCC manufacturing and MW module design
More than 20 years experience in the manufacturing of multi layer cofired ceramic substrates and modules. This includes RF and MW designs and the technology to manufacture these in LTCC. SIBCO qualifies, certifies and installs LTCC process equipment with process development, Open Process Control, OPC, and a baseline process with a standard test coupon developed by SIBCO.

A special division of SIBCO is specialized to capitalize on the experience and deep knowledge of the Chinese and western cultures where we provide consultancy in the area of business development with legal services, accounting services, logistic services and sales and marketing in Europe and the US through our specialists network. Offering a low risk and fast results to our customers.
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