With more than 20 years of experiency in Asia of which more than 15 years in China our knowledgde of China's culture, its way of doing business, our network, GUANXI, we are able to understand the needs, the requirements, the ways and the thinking of Chinese entrepreneurs and the government.
This invaluable expertise helps foreign investors reach theirs goals in China. Whether it is sourcing of parts, outsouring of manufacturing, setting up R&D and/or production facilities, Joint Ventures, auditing of processes, goods and businesses SIBCO's expertise will make these processes easier, shorter and more reliable.

For Chinese clients we provide a broad network of business professionals who offer complete services in the area of contract negotiations, legal expertise, accounting, logistic services, infrastructure, real-estate development, technology investments, research and technology transfer.

For consultancy services please contact
Ton Schless,
For an international consortium of business professionals we are currently finding Chinese investment partners who are interested in international investments and need help with the execution. SIBCO is a partner in the negotiations.

For a US company we found several partners to supply low-cost, good quality optical parts that are being sold on-line in the United States. Regular shipments are being audited for quality and quantity. SIBCO also negotiates the contracts and arranges the shipments.

For a US/Canadian enterprise we found a partner in China that was capable of producing their construction equipment with a 30% cost reduction while the quality of the products was maintained. SIBCO was a partner in the contract negotiations, the company audit, technical due diligence and quality audits before shipment

For a European international we found a source in China for children's playground equipment and we audited the company as a capable partner to manufacture to EC standards. During the first years of the cooperation we performed monthly quality audits before shipment of the goods.

For Chinese biomedical companies we have found partners in America with whom cooperation contracts have been signed in a short time after we initiated the auditing and helped defining the cooperation program.
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